Yekaterinburg wonderful: 3 days/2 nights

Day 1: City tour – border berween Europe and Asia (7 hours)

This is an amazing tour to Yekaterinburg during all season.

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During the excursion you will visit and see the most interesting monuments and know legends about our amazing city. We will see the Historical Square of the city, the first plant, the chapel of St.Yekaterina – the patroness of the city. You will have an opportunity to walk along the old streets of Yekaterinburg that preserved the style of the 19 century and you will see the unique monuments of industrial architecture of the 18 century. You also will visit the Church in the Blood – one of the main sights in our city. And you will have time to visit our main pedestrian street Vainera (so-called Arbat) where you can go shopping and also take several photos with funny sculptures. After lunch you will visit the border between Europe and Asia where you can get from Europe to Asia by just making one step and make a wish.

Transfer to the hotel.

Free time.

Night in the hotel.

Day 2 – Nizhnyaya Sinyachiha (9 hours)

1Today you will visit a unique open-air museum of wooden architecture of XVII, XVIII and XIX c. Our excursion will start in Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church, where you can see acient Russian icons and the tradition of Russian Orhodox Church.

During excusrion you also will see ural local painting and you will know what means white chamber and why usually lived there. You will visit izba and will see different items inside traditional izba of XVII, XVIII and XIX c. You will visit smithy, where you will be able to make your own coin as a souvenir.

Also there is a stable where you can ride a horse.

Night in the hotel.

Day 3: Verhnyaya Pishma– transfer to the railway station(6 hours).

Breakfast in the hotel.

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Today you will visit one of the biggest museum of military equipment in the Ural. During the tour you will see military and civilian cars, military planes, tanks and submarine and other vehicles, guns and pistols, military uniforms and medals and so on. You will visit exhibition inside and outside, too. The tour is very interesting, don’t forget to take several photos.


Transfer to the railway station.

The price include: transfers, guide-translator, transport, excursions, tickets, meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches), and accommodation. 

The price depends on language, number of person in group, chosen hotel.


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