gallileo1Wonder Park Galileo

Numerous halls, rooms and passages, packed with wonders will lead visitorsto the glassy maze of illusion. Great mood is guaranteed.

babochki1Butterfly Park and a lovely zoo

Butterfly Park is an amazing world. Suchplacewillbeinteresting not only for adults, but even for little children. In spite of beautiful butterflies who freely flutter in the museum, you will see Emperor Scorpions, Ahatin snails, Malagasy cockroaches, Tarantula spiders, Iguanas, Australian tree frogs, several species of snakes and many other inhabitants of tropical fauna.

visotskii1Viewing platform Vysotsky

Outdoor viewing platform is located in the business center "Vysotsky" at 52 floor — ataheightof 186 meters. Trulyfantasticview is greeting from the platform: the landscape of Ekaterinburg stretches awayat 25 kilometers.

newton1Park of scientific entertainment “Newton”

It’sreally interesting and informative interactive science museum. The excursion is arranged inthe form of direct communication with services, devices and instruments.During the excursion you’ll become the main participant of various experiments, using a variety of instruments, devices and mechanisms. The Park is represented by 8 thematic sections- Acoustics, Optics, Aerohydrodynamics, Mechanics, magnetism and material property, Electromagnetism, the highest forms of creation, bubbles. All exhibits vividly illustrate operating principles of different laws of physics and chemistry, as well as they discover the nature of the most amazing and spectacular phenomena in the world.


Here you will have anexcursion of the crocodile farmwhere you’ll be able to learn many interesting things about the world of crocodiles, snakes, tarantulas and other exotic animals.As well as the cost of the tickets includes performance and feeding crocodiles!

Historical Museum of stone cutting and jewelry art

Incredible works of masters of the Imperial lapidary factory are presented in the museum. The Museum exposition acquaints with someinterestingexhibitmadeofmalachite, jasper and marble. You’llseean exclusive in the Urals sesqui-metersvase made of kalkan jasper.

Museum of fine arts

It’s one of the largest museums in the Urals. Here you can enjoy the works of Russian icon painting of the 17th -20th centuries, Russian art of the 18th– beginning of the 20th century, West European art of the 14th-19th centuries,  Russian avant-garde of 1910-1920 's, domestic art of 1920-2000, decorative-applied art of the Urals and famous kasliniron casting.

Ural geological Museum

This treasury of minerals keeps and demonstrates more than 40 thousand exhibits, representing minerals, rocks and paleontological discoveries of Ural region. Here you can see huge rock crystal "Malutka" weighing 737 kg, which is the largest in the CIS.

Museum of the history of Ekaterinburg

The exposition presents the history of the city of the 18th century, history of early Ekaterinburg.Here you can see the overall shape of the city, its streets and facades of buildings, in the form of original maps and drawings, prints and drawings, as well as visual digital reconstructions. The parallel unfolding scenes – factory organization, technologies and production, life of ordinary people of the 18th century, the interpenetration of cultures and religions and the strong influence of the foreign colonies, are illustrated with rare exhibits of the Museum collection.


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