Sightseeings of Irkutsk


Irkutsk is one of the lagest cities of Russia. It is administrative, business, industrial, scientific and educational center of Eastern Siberia. Irkutsk has unique historical and cultural heritage. But the main its attraction is lake Baikal.

Linguistic club "MAGELLAN" provides tours to Irkutsk and Baikal accompanied by Russian, English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, etc. guides. 

The most popular excursions at Irkutsk are: 

1) Irkutsk sightseeing tour

Irk 1During this excursion you will see historical centre of the city, place of foundation of Irkutsk fortress, memorial of Admiral Kolchak (hero of the Civil war), most beautiful churches, have walking tour at Quarter 130 (the oldest district at Irkutsk reconstructed by plans). Additionally you can visit Museum of Decembrists and learn more about their life in Siberia or visit Ethnography Museum of Irkutsk.

Duration: 3 hours

Type: walking, bus tour

2) Listvyanka village sightseeing tour

listvVillage Listvyanka is located just 70 km from Irkutsk. This is the nearest to the city point of Baikal coast. During excursion you will see Saint-Nicholas church, viewing platform at Chersky Stone with using chairlift, fish and souvenir market and, of course, the coast of Lake Baikal. Additionally you can visit Ethnography Museum “Taltsy” (unique monuments of XVII –XX century that show Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar ways of life), Baikal Limnological Museum (unique museum that studies flora and fauna of Baikal and even has aquarium with inhabitants of the lake), order boat trip and dinner.

Duration: 6-7 hours

Type: bus tour

3) Ethnography excursion to Ust-Orda

UstUst-Orda is situated 70 km far from Irkutsk, its population is near 15 million people.  Excursion includes visiting Ethnography museum that shows way of life of buriat (one of the most numerous nationalities of Siberia), meeting with shaman. Additionally you can order buriat dinner or performance of Buryat folklore collective.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Type: bus tour


We can combine excursions according to you desire or make you own program. Please contact us to specify the details of price, duration, dates and payment conditions. 

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