Hiking tour in the winter  – Sleeping beauty of the river Chusovaya

Chusovay We invite you to visit a valley of the river Chusovaya! Every season you can admire an unbelievable beauty of this river! During this 2 days we will visit several hills and enjoy the nature and learn the history of this place, we will visit an old wooden monastery, we will go to the Russian banya, we will feed the deer, rabbits and other animals, we will try a famous dish in Russia – Shashlik (a type of BBQ) and we will visit the peak of the mountain Belaya!

The price is included:

  • Cable car to the mountain Belaya
  • Excursion to the farm of the animal (deer, rabbits, horses and so on)
  • Meal
  • Accommodation in the camping
  • Banya
  • Excursion to the pick of the hill Stone Omutnoy
  • Excursion to the pick of the hill Stone Oleniy
  • Excursion to the monastery
  • Museum

Day 1

Meeting with a guide and transfer to the mountain Belaya. 

BelayaToday we will go with you by a cable car to the peak of the mountain. (If you don’t have a warm clothes, no worry – you can rent it here). At the peak you will enjoy the view and learn the history of this place)

After that we will visit with you an unusual place – the natural border between Europe and Asia! Here you can make a wish and take a photo how you stay a half in Europe and a half in Asia.

Then we will go the farm. Here you can see and feed different animals (such as deer, horses, goats, cows, rabbits and other animals). And of course you will know the history of wild nature in Russia/

01After lunch we will hike to the peak of the hill Stone Omutnoy. We will have a 30-minutes hiking in the winter forest, where you can take a lot of fascinating photos! The path is very easy (even small children can hike there). When we will come to the top pf the hill, we will have a rest for a while. We will drink a hot tea and eat some cakes. And than we will go back to the transport and continue our tour. Next stop – an Orthodox Monastery, where we can see the church that was made from the wood in a traditional architecture style.

Go to the camping. Here we will have a reat and go to the famous Russian Banya!       

Have a dinner and play some games.

Day 2


Today we will visit a museum of “Ruskaya Gornitsa” ( “Russian traditional house in the village”). Here you will know traditions of Russian peasants, you will see Russian national costumes and if you want you can wear it and take a picture. Also you will learn how to play old Russian games.

After we will go to the village Ekva and here we will start our hiking tour to the pick of the                  hill Stone Oleniy. During hiking we will drink a hot tea.

               Return to the camping. Have a lunch.

               After lunch transfer back to the city.

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