Welcome to the Ural: 2 days/1 night

Day 1: City-tour – Ganina Yama – border between Europe and Asia (8 hours)

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During this excursion you will know the history and legends of Yekaterinburg . The excursion starts in the heart of Yekaterinburg – the Historical Square of the city! You will see the plan of the city, the monuments of city founders, the first plant, the dam, the chapel of St.Ekaterina – the patroness of the city. During the excursion you will walk along the old streets of Yekaterinburg that preserved the style of the XIX century, you will see the unique monuments of industrial architecture of the XVIII century, mansions of XVIII-XIX century –  Sevastianov mansion, Kharitonov-Rastorguev mansion, learn about the literary and theatrical life of Yekaterinburg and also see the face of modern city. You also will visit the Church on the Blood that is situated instead Ipatiev House where Nicolas II and his family lived and were killed.

14.00 – Lunch

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Екб2After lunch you will visit visit Monastery Ganina Yama where you will know about history of the last tsar and his family. After you will visit an amazing place – the border between Europe and Asia.

Night in the hotel.


Day 2: Nevyanskaya Leaning Tower – transfer to the railway station

Breakfast in the hotel.

113Today you will go to Nevyansk – the oldest center of the Ural Steel. And you will visit here its famous leaning tower, that looks similar to the tower in Pisa ( Italy). During the excursion you see the first lightning rod, a secret laboratory for the production false coins, auditory room, where you can hear every woed spoken in a whisper, an amazing antique clock which was more expensive when buying the tower itself!

Lunch in the local restaurant.

Transfer to the hotel.


The price include: transfers, guide-translator, transport, excursions, tickets, meal (1 breakfast, 2 lunches), and accommodation. 

The price depends on language, number of person in group, chosen hotel.

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