Levels of TRKI (TORFL):

  • (A1)  Elementary level
  • (A2)  Basic level  is obligate for getting citizenship
  • (B1)  The First Certificate is obligate for entering the University
  • (B2)  The Second Certificate is obligate for getting Diploma for non-humanitarian profession
  • (C1)  The Third Certificate is obligate for getting Diploma for humanitarian profession
  • (C2)  The Fourth Certificate is obligate for teaching Russian as a foreign language

According to the Russian laws foreigners must pass The Complex Test of Russian as a  Foreign Language, history and law to get job permission (job licence), (temporary) residence permission.

This test consists of 5 parts:

·       Reading – 45 min;

·       Writing – 45 min;

·       Vocabulary. Grammar  – 45 min;

·       Listening – 30 min;

·       Speaking – 30 min.

To pass the exam you should get 66 % or more at each part. If you get less than 66 % you can try again with 50% discount.

There are 3 Universities that organize such exams: USMU, UPU, UPPU

Complex  exam for job permission

55 euro

Complex  exam for temporary residence permission

60 euro

Complex  exam for residence permission

65 euro


95 euro

These exams are organized every day.

LC “ MAGELLAN” can prepare you to pass all kinds of exams for all levels.

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